Value Proposition
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Value Proposition

Given the following fundamentals:

  • IP rights are important to protect research and development investments of companies 
  • IP rights of others can materially affect the viability and profitability of products and services of companies
  • Companies have limited resources available to invest in securing and enforcing IP rights, and for defending against the IP rights of others
  • Substantive skills needed to secure, enforce, and defend against IP rights reside in large part with outside IP counsel
  • Quality outside IP counsel are valuable to companies but require significant financial expenditures


  • How do companies achieve high quality IP results while controlling overall expenditure?
  • Make informed decisions regarding the actions that are necessary to achieve the results a company has identified 
  • Know how much the chosen actions should cost
  • Engage quality outside IP counsel, specially trained and experienced to accomplish the actions needed
  • Manage accomplishment of the chosen actions, continually considering the short-term and long-term best interests of the company, and do so in communication with business leaders 
  • Manage unexpected results and follow-on actions -- these are inevitable and lead to many cost overruns

In-House IP Management Value

Much of the value of in-house counsel is found in an ability to avoid services not necessary for achieving company goals.  By avoiding unnecessary activities, resources can be directed where the resources will be most effective.  Every company, regardless of size, should seek to benefit from this kind of informed judgment, integrated with the goals and objectives of the company.  I have training and experience working from within companies to identify and explain options.  I have worked in partnership with company managers to select a practical, clear, and actionable path to meet objectives.  The value is similar to the value of a general contractor for a construction project.  Strategic perspective, selection of appropriate products and services from a wide variety of sources, management of services provided, and course corrections in light of changing conditions are essential to high quality and cost-effective construction project results.  Similarly, purposeful and informed planning and sourcing combined with active management of IP projects are fundamental to achieving high quality, cost-effective IP project results.  I have experience managing IP projects of the varieties described on the
Managed IP Functions page, and can help you define and carry out these and other similar functions.

Supplemental In-House IP Counsel Value
Many companies understand the value of in-house IP counsel and already employ in-house IP counsel.  There are times, however, when a company may need additional in-house IP counsel assistance, but is not in a position to hire additional counsel.  In-house IP counsel know that certain types of projects may be most cost-effectively accomplished in-house.  However, without the availability of additional in-house counsel, these projects may be assigned to traditional outside IP counsel at a higher rate.  I can assist in this circumstance by supplementing your existing staff on a part-time or project oriented basis.  I offer you the value of an experienced in-house counsel without the long-term commitment of hiring additional employees and without engaging traditional outside IP counsel. 
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