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Supplemental In-House IP Counsel

Companies that understand the value of in-house IP counsel and have adequate resources often already have employed one or more in-house IP counsel.  A company may, at times, need additional in-house IP counsel, but may not be willing or able to hire additional full-time in-house IP counsel. I offer a supplemental in-house IP counsel service designed to augment existing in-house IP staff during periods of increased load or during reduced personnel availability.  I will work with you to define a service offering that meets your needs. The scope of work to be performed can be determined in light of not only company needs, but also available funding.

Example services include, but are not limited to, performing or managing the performance of functions or projects such as: idea generation and capture, patent filing, patent prosecution, competitor IP evaluation (landscaping) and tracking, product clearances, licensing, pre-litigation analysis, litigation blowback analysis, a design-around initiative, litigation patent busting, post issuance analysis (reexamination, reissue, opposition), trademark clearances and prosecution, acquisition IP integration, and expansion of purchased technology patent claim coverage.

This type of supplemental in-house IP service may be particularly useful at times such as: when an emphasis exists to reduce or at most maintain employee head-count, close to the time of an acquisition or divestiture, during family or medical leave or other personnel transitions, and during pre-litigation or litigation activities

Each service may be tied to specific time or cost constraints.

Supplemental In-House IP Counsel
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