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In-House IP Management Service

Many companies have significant IP resources but no in-house IP counsel. Consequently, technical managers or other company lawyers may act in the role of in-house IP counsel. This can be a disservice to a company 1) because acting personnel are less qualified than IP counsel to plan and implement IP functions or to give accurate and purposeful direction to outside IP counsel, and 2) because it is consumptive of the time of technical managers or other company lawyers.  However, existing workloads may not justify hiring a full-time in-house IP counsel. The in-house IP management service I offer is a solution. I will work with you to define a service offering that meets your needs for in-house IP counsel. The scope of work to be performed can be determined in light of not only company needs, but also available funding.

Example service designs include, but are not limited to:

Turnkey IP management: primary in-house responsibility for evaluating IP needs, planning to meet those needs, and implementing the plans made -- all in full cooperation and coordination with business leaders.

Management of particular functions on an on-going basis (multiple projects): idea generation and capture, patent filing, patent prosecution
, competitor IP evaluation (landscaping) and tracking, product clearances, licensing, pre-litigation analysis, trademark clearances and prosecution, etc.

Management of particular projects: a design-around initiative, post issuance analysis (reexamination, reissue, opposition), acquisition IP integration, expansion of purchased technology patent claim coverage, litigation blowback analysis, product clearance, litigation patent busting, etc.

Each service design may be tied to specific time or cost constraints.



In-House IP Management Service
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