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Serving Corporate IP Needs

Evaluating intellectual property (IP) needs, establishing a strategy to meet those needs, and implementing the strategy -- these goals are within the reach of companies that understand IP and act on their understanding.  Partnering with business leaders to thoroughly comprehend their business operations is a firm foundation for offering practical, clear, and actionable legal service.  Hello and welcome, my name is Paul Revis.  My IP practice experience comes from the perspective of the corporate client. From this perspective, I have worked with corporate clients to cost-effectively evaluate needs and establish and implement strategies to reach companies' IP goals.  I have the in-house experience to define and manage the many facets of an IP program or to supplement your existing in-house counsel group.  I have the flexibility to assist on a part-time, interim, or supplemental basis, whether as a sole in-house IP attorney or as a part of your in-house team.

Great value and efficiency can be obtained by companies willing to plan sufficiently to avoid legal services not necessary to reach their goals.  Prioritization, disciplined budgeting, and execution are essential to driving value into corporate IP strategies.  To better understand the value I may be able to help your company achieve, please review the
Value Proposition
page of this website.

To discuss ways I can help you define and reach your IP goals, please contact me at
paul.revis@inhouseipcounsel.com or 479-221-2550. I also invite you to continue reading this website to learn more about my experience and the services offered. 

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